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Property Management Services

Today, in a globalized world or rather a global village, there is essentially a need for the property owners to have a representative who will manage their earning assets in all manners possible. And we at M4 Estates do just that and a lot more. We manage properties in entirety including the legal, financial and physical aspects. Here is a core list of services that we as a property management company provide.

Property evaluation

We take this as the first step to ascertain the correct property valuation and type to conclude the achievable rent for this fixed asset based on the property type, location and the current market trends.

Setting the rent

A rent survey is performed by our team members where at least 10 or more recently rented comparable units are located and used in conjunction with other factors to determine the maximum rent that can be charged.

Tenant screening

This consists of creating ads, placing them online and offline, showing the unit and screening all applicants. These are essential tasks that can make or break your investment. Better advertising means shorter vacancies and better screening means tenants who stay longer and cause fewer problems. This also includes a search in our vast database to locate a viable occupant to your property.

Rent collections

This could also be called chasing rent. It’s not real hard to collect checks that are sent on time each month, it’s getting tenants to pay on time and dealing with them when they are delinquent that can require significant time and effort and timely follow up.


Maintenance and repairs

We provide Preventive maintenance as an art of proactively monitoring and maintaining the condition of a property instead of waiting as long as possible before making the required repairs. will have an in house team that performs preventive repairs or maintenance (sometimes both).While the latter saves money in the short term, it also significantly increases costs down the road when small problems are left unaddressed and mushroom into much larger repair needs. In addition to running a preventative maintenance program our in house crew will oversee the contractors doing the work to ensure quality work and fair pricing.


Property inspections are essential to address repair needs as well as to monitor for lease violations. In addition to annual inside inspections, exterior inspections typically take place between monthly and quarterly.

Book keeping and reporting

This includes tasks like tracking expenses, handling sending and receiving invoices, creating profit and loss statements, sending out monthly reports and preparing the necessary documents for taxes. Reporting is a critical function as it is the only window investors have into the performance of their investment.



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